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Rossi M92 out of stock

Does anyone know for sure if the Rossi M92 is still in production? Been trying to buy one but everyone is out of stock. Even Wallys been back ordered since Apr. 2011. Called Rossi but got put on hold so left a message but they won"t return my call. Have tried several gun dealers and all out of stock. The Rossi web site has them listed for 2012. Any opinions on the M92 .357 oct. stainless 24" would be appreciated. Thanks
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I bought a blued 357 this summer at cabelas. When I called them to see if they had any they said they one left on sale 400.00 because they were being discontinued. I thought that they meant that just cabelas was not going to carry them anymore, maybe I was wrong.

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Well, billy, you're pretty much out of luck. I have searched all of my normal distributor sites and none list the M-92 in .357 Mag. and very few in .44 Mag. (.45 Long Colts are all over the place.) I have a .357 mag in a Rossi M92 with a 24" SS octagon barrel and love it. For accuracy, it out shoots the 20" SS Rd barrel .44 Mag. that I have and it is so pleasant to shoot. I have tried to find a few for some friends of mine, but the seem to be gone. I have found a few on the auctions and some are not too bad of a price.
Rossi 92 .357 Mag Lever Action Used 20" 357 : Lever Action Rifles at
Rossi 92 44 Mag 20" Barrel Wood Stocks Adj. Sight : Lever Action Rifles at
Rossi 92 .357 Mag Lever Action Used 20" 357 : Lever Action Rifles at

Most of these are used - some fairly hard - and none are the configuration that you most desire. The MSRP is $559.00, new, for the ones similar to those auctions that I listed above but that MSRP is way high from what you could expect if some were only available. (The MSRP for the 24" SS Octagon model is about $580 or more, but the Rossi website doesn't show that specific model). I bought mine in early Jan and after I got them I checked to buy a couple more and they were completely gone. Frustrating!

I'm brand new to the forum and hope to gain some valuable info on these fun guns.
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I just got a new Rossi M92 stainless in .45 colt with 24" octagon the other day. Had to drive 35 miles to pick it up and I think it was the only one in the state (Maybe several states).

The shop had it on their ad for a couple of weeks and I stumbled onto it by accident. Most local used rifles anywhere near this type are way over priced IMO. I talked to a shop owner about used .45 LC levers and he said he can never find them. Nobody wants to sell them.
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I am finding a few of the Rossi M92s coming into stock. I found a source for .44 Mag Blued 24" octagon Barrel, 20" blued round barrel, a few 16" blued round barrel and even a few .357 mag. in 16" and 20" round barrels. How long the will last - who knows?
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Rossi M92's in .357 have been Difficult to find for a couple of years.

I can usually find .44mag and .45Colt but not .357.

I'm a FFL and it took me 2 years to find a second one.
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3 months ago I was looking for one in 357 and my dealer couldn't find any, but got a call about a carbine one dealer found after looking in the warehouse. I snatched it right up.

I pour and load my own. Its a handloaders dream, along with common revolver compatibility.
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I know this thread is a bit old, but for those who may be considering a Rossi M92 and stumble across this I thought I'd offer some insight.

Rossi 92s are making an appearance on gun store walls. I'd been looking for their Stainless Steel carbine in .357 for about a year and found nothing. Even on Gunbroker I was seeing only models chambered in .45. I finally called Rossi back in August to see if they were still in production. I was notified that they had just made several shipments to various distributors and the rifles should be appearing in stores within the month. Sure enough within a week of that conversation Stainless Steel carbines in .357 were appearing in stores (both online and physical locations). Bud's Gun Shop had them; they were coming up on Gunbroker; and the gun shop in town even got several in (both blued and SS).

I purchased mine brand-spankin' new through Gunbroker (it was cheaper than the local gun shop)... even with shipping.

So, they are out there.
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Stopped at a local gun store on my way home yesterday and they had 3 Rossi's. A stainless .44, a blue .45 Colt and a blue .44. All 20" carbines. I put the blue .44 on 90 day lay a way. They were all $450.00.
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