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Uberti Silverboy

Not often a new lever gun comes out. This morning I received an email re a new Uberti .22 rifle called the Silverboy. Appears to compete directly with the Henry Goldenboy .22 rifle. The Silverboy lists at $589 and the Goldenboy at $515. The Goldenboy has an octagon barrel, the Silverboy barrel is round, and imho the Goldenboy has much nicer wood and better rear sight, and it's American made. Would be nice to see both of them side by side. Both appear to have much the same lines.
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Got a link?
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Silverboy Lever Action
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Saw that the other day. Nothing I'd probably jump for but interesting to see a new lever action on the market. Never cared for the Henrys nor the gold/brass look to the frames.

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