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Red face Anyone own or shoot a Winchester Model 250 .22?

Hi guys

I've found a second hand Winchester Model 250, tossing up weather to buy it or a Browning BL-22

would be keen to hear anything about the Mod 250
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Neve shot one. My step-dad has one still new in the box that he's never fired. When I asked him he said "if I shoot it then it won't be new anymore".
Needless to say when ever I give him a gun I tell him that it's used or that I already shot it so he'll go ahead and use it then. He does like to shoot, he just can't bring himself to do it to a brand new gun. He has a Remington 12 gauge auto and a Beretta .22 pistol that are the same way. He DOES shoot the Browning Hi power he got from me but again it was used so he don't feel bad about using it.
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Get the Winchester (providing it is in decent shape). The Browning, in my opinion is junk. Speaking from experience, I've had two of them.
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I'm thinking of picking up a Model 255 which I hear is basically the same gun, only .22 Magnum, so I'm wanting to hear about this as well.
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i have this gun it shoots great. it will shoot shorts longs or long rifle. great gun if you can get at good price. t.w.
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