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accurate .22lr ammo for a Winchester 9422

I have a nice 9422 that is scoped with a 3-9 BSA scope, that I mostly shoot with Federal bulk ammo. It's decent and reliable ammo, but I don't think my rifle is in love with it. Are there any other 9422 owners out there who have found .22LR ammo that their rifle likes? I love this gun.
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Mine loves Winchester bulk pack Dynapoints (as do most of my .22s.)
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9422s and 9422Ms seem to universally like Winchester Super-X (silver box) ammo.

Wouldn't be surprised if that was the ammo that was used when they were designing and testing the 9422s. .
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Every 22 has its own likes and dislikes in 22 ammo. Get 2 9422's and they both may like different ammo. I have shot 22's a lot over the years, from plinkers to high end target and classic rifles. I have very seldom found two of the same model like the same ammo.

That said; I have had several 9422's and 9422 mags. I could not get them to shoot as good as my Marlin 39A's. I have talked to a well respected gunsmith in my area and he said he thinks they might have a design issue he could never figure out.

Try as many different 22 brands of ammo as you can. When you find one ammo that shoots better than the rest , then buy a buch of it so you have it on hand.

I have two 40X target rifles in 22LR. One likes Eley match EPS and the other likes sporter ammo better. Can't get good groups with any target ammo. There is a 1/4" difference in barrel length. Barrel harmonics is very important in accurate 22 shooting.

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My 9422 Magnum has always shot Winchester Super X, (Silver Box) so well I have never shot anything else. I have a 76 model rifle. Geessss... that's 35 years..
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Originally Posted by Observer View Post
My 9422 Magnum has always shot Winchester Super X, (Silver Box) so well I have never shot anything else. I have a 76 model rifle. Geessss... that's 35 years..
Excellent ammo! Another very good one is CCI Mini-Mag. Mine shoots that one extremely well.
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.22 ammo

Your best bet with any .22 LR is to purchase multiple different brands. Grab a bunch of 50 round boxes and see what your particular rifle likes. I have never had a rifle that didn't like the CCI, CCI Blazer and Wolf target. The CCI and Wolf are much more expensive. For the bulk ammo it just depends on the particular .22.

If you have other .22's try out the ammo that they like first. That way you won't have to have a bunch of different ammo.

bulk .44 magnum ammo
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The 22 ammo that I use in my 22's are probably not made anymore. I shoot Federal Lightnings and Win.Wildcats that I bought years ago when the were inexpensive. I haven't bought ammo in years, just primers,powder, and projectiles. The last box of 7mm Mauser cost me $6.38 and the 7mm Rem Mag cost $10.00 per box of 20. It is a little scary now days even at Walmart with no 7mm Mausers and Rem Mags at 36.00 a box.
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