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Marlin model 30A 30-30 cleaning disassembly?

I just got an unfired 30A from my father in law that he said he picked up back in the early 80's. I want to disassemble this as far as you can for field stripping and clean it before sticking it in my gun locker. He doesn't have the manual and I can't find instructions online. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have never tinkered around with a lever action before.
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Great 30-30, I had the Glenfield in the early '80s. I suggest that you write marlin for a manual or there can be one purchased on line. The best one to buy is the NRA Firearms Assembly book, sells for $15 form the NRA and covers a load of guns. It is a little hard to explain here due to it can be tricky to get back together but it does break down very nicely to be cleaned from the bore rather than the muzzle. Good luck.
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I did a good cleaning today on a 1957 .35 caliber Marlin 336 RC. Here is how I did it.
1. make darn sure the gun is unloaded, nothing in chamber or magazine. As with most mechanical jobs, take a careful look and note the position of all the parts, before you remove them.
2. move the lever, so the bolt is about halfway opened. Lay the rifle on it's side, and using a correct screwdriver, remove the lever screw, and then remove the lever by pulling it out. If your rifle has the safety button, make sure the button is in the "safe" position.
3. Pull the bolt out the rear of the receiver.
4. carefully remove the ejector from the receiver
5. Clean the rifle from the breech end. Clean and lightly oil the bolt, lever, and action.
6. I place the ejector back in its slot, and gently push in the bolt. It should slide right over the ejector.
7. with the bolt back in the receiver, a little more than half way into battery. Refit the lever, and re install the screw.

That should do it for most cleaning needs.
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Never hurts to have a video camera going, or use the digital camera on your phone to snap step by step pictures.

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Before finding this site, I went to another one trying to find out how to disassemble a Marlin model 30a to clean it. It told me to take the screws out just above the trigger. Well that was the wrong thing to do because one of them is spring loaded. I got the top screw back in but can NOT get the other one in. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tommy
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Hey Tommy, I don't have a Marlin Model 30A. I do have a 1895G. On mine you take out the screw by the lever. There appears to be information on the internet on how to take these apart for cleaning. I guess the screw to remove on these in in the receiver. Sorry I don't know a lot about them.
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Tommy, the 30A is identical to the Marlin 336. Glenfield was the "economy" grade Marlin, with a little less polish before bluing, typically birch stocks instead of walnut, and pressed checkering instead of cut.
From your description, I'm not entirely sure which screws you removed, but there's no harm done. Go here for disassembly / reassembly instructions, etc:
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OR, you could look up how 2 videos on YouTube
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The Gun parts Co. catalog should have the exploded view which will show the breakdown. (marlin 336C).
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