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Practical-Tactical Shooting

I recently found myself with some more time to develop another hobby......if i ignore some chores of course......I am considering entering a ipsc match or some similar competition for fun. I have a small springfield carry gun and a mini 14 that has been tweeked a little. What i want is a full size 9mm pistol for shooting. I would be a beginner at shooting matches. What my thoughts were about pistol buying was a new or a good used XDM 4.5 or 5 inch barreled 9mm gun. A local gun dealer who was a state champion with a 45 cal many years ago recommended a 9 mm glock 34--6 inch barrel. I thought maybe few of you fellows might have competed or had some recommendations on purchase of a full size 9mm. TIA for any advice.

I also posted in the rifle forum--mistake omp
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What about 38super?
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nothing wrong with the round, i know its a popular choice...i don't want to spend any more money than necessary to begin...9mm rounds are everywhere and relatively inexpensive...i don't reload so i am not too picky
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Hey people, i wish i can deal with that hobby, so i plan to get an 9m gun aswell, and start practicing shooting!
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I used to regularly shoot IDPA (and a few IPSC matches). Glock Model 19’s and 17’s were very common. In everyday real life I preferred (and still prefer) to use 45 ACP caliber pistols; so I almost always shot 45 ACP in ‘major caliber’, rather than using a 9 x 19mm.

Probably because I’m so heavily practiced I’m able to shoot a 45 pistol (almost) every bit as fast and as accurate as, actually, anyone I’ve ever competed against who was using a 9 x 19mm pistol. On paper IDPA targets I never saw a difference; but on other steel targets I often noticed that peripheral hits made with 9mm bullets FAILED to drop the target; and, on those few occasions when my own pistol marksmanship became a little sloppy, no matter where I hit a ‘pepper popper’ down it went!

One thing I have (again, almost) never done throughout my entire long and always too competitive life is to do anything in gunnery practice that I wouldn’t or didn’t intend to do in real life. This means that, on occasion, I would anger whoever was standing on my left-hand side by my insistence to reload a revolver with my gun hand (a la Jim Cirillo’s superior method of revolver gunfighting) rather than attempting to ‘play nice’ and load with my ‘weak’ left-hand in the same way as most PPC shooters usually do.

When I was moving fast, the pistol’s muzzle, sometimes, SEEMED to turn to the left as I spun the revolver in my left-hand; but, whenever I slowed the movement down a little in order to demonstrate what I was doing, it became apparent that my muzzle never pointed anywhere except straight ahead at the targets!

Jim Cirillo and I, each, reached the decision to reload a revolver using our ‘strong’ gun hand independently of one another; (Although I would have like to I never met the man.) and, when I found out that Cirillo was doing this, too — It made me feel, kind ‘a, vindicated!)

At other times I have might have annoyed another competitor who didn’t like standing next to me during a PPC match in which I used (not ‘full house’, but) ‘healthy’ 357 Magnum ammunition. Like I said I have never, not even once in my life, practiced or competed with a gun or ammunition that wouldn’t also be suitable for actual self-defense, ‘street’ use. (A personal security habit that, all the way back in 2007, paid me back in a very big way!) This habit does NOT mean that I always use ‘super duper’ self-defense ammo. It does mean that I stay away from lightweight ‘powder puff’ loads.

Although it’s been a few years, now, I don’t shoot any of the competitive pistol courses anymore. Still, I have kept in touch with several acquaintances who do; and the pistols they talk about are the CZ 75, SP-01, ‘Shadow’ (Which seems to be most USPSA/IDPA shooters’ current first choice pistol!), and Glock Models: 19, 17, and 34. There was a smattering of everything else, of course; but the only other pistols I got used to seeing and hearing about were SIG 226’s and 229’s.

When I was most active, maybe, 1 or 2 shooters out of every 10 used a 1911 pattern pistol. These were always nice pistols, of course, but required way too much loading and reloading for me to feel comfortable using. (I’ve owned 7 1911’s; 1 nicer than the other; and 3 of them were built by Austin Behlert on Colt frames.)

My own PPC competition pistols were one model or another of Smith & Wesson revolvers; (I destroyed my beautiful Austin Behlert built, S&W Model 19 during one practice session by firing it too frequently with, admittedly, ‘full house’ 357 Magnum ammunition.) My usual semiautomatics were (and are) completely rebuilt Glock Model 21’s, (Although, since I sold off my reloading equipment, I now only rarely use 45 Super.) and, sometimes, another similarly rebuilt Glock Model 19 that I liked, and still like, to ‘fool around’ with. (9 x 19mm is, sort of, like a 45 ACP for women!)

The best IDPA shooter I’ve ever known most often used a Glock Model 35; but, he was a big very powerfully built man; and, he had the arm strength and shoulders on him to effectively control 40 caliber recoil — Something that, in my experience, very few pistol shooters are truly able to do, repetitively, with BOTH speed and accuracy.
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