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44 SPL reloads - low recoil

After several years off from reloading, I am getting back into the hobby.

One of my first projects is working up loads for 44 spl. I am looking to make a low recoil load for both my S&W 329 PD. Which I am planning on shooting in IDPA matches. My buddy's 2 inch snub nose Taurus.

Only load I have tested at this point is reduced load of Power Pistol with 180gr Hornady XTP's. The felt recoil was bit more than factory loaded ammo.

What I am looking for is powder/load suggestions. So I do not spend too much time and money testing everything. Planning on using purchased lead bullets, 200gr. Might also use 180gr Hornady XTP's


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My .44 special loads actually go the other way and are hotter than factory. Looking at Oregon Trails loading manual they list as a starting load 3.5 grains of Clays for about 660 fps for a 200gr lead round nose flat point. That's the mildest 200 grainer in their book.
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200 grain bullets and 44 Special brass should make for an awesome load for a two-inch barreled Taurus. I preferred 9 grains of AA#5 for my loads with a 200 grain bullet which gave me about 850 FPS.
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44 Special

I recently purchased a S&W Mod 24 Classic and I am looking for an opinion for a comfortable load for poking holes in paper and beer cans. Your 200 gr lswc with 9 gr of AA #5 sounds pretty much like what I'm looking for. A shooter friend of mine suggested that while I am waiting for an order of 200gr lswc to get here I might try 200 gr HP/XTP from Hornady with 5.8 gr of Unique and CCI LP primers. Have you ever tried anything like this? Also another question. I purchased 100 Winchester 44 Smith and Wesson shell cases. About 90 of these cases slipped into my Lee Auto Prime with #11 case holder with no problems. 10 would no go in at all. I measured everything and the only thing I could find that was slightly over spec was the thickness of the rim. I was curious if you or any of the other folks reading this might have had a similar experience and if so did you find a resolution to the problem? Thanks
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The load with the Hornady XTP and Unique powder should be a really light load ideal for target practice, But, I would not waste a bullet like the XTP on loads suitable for nothing more than paper punching. And as for your priming issue, I have never experienced anything like that, however, I use Hornady or RCBS shell holders and that combination has worked for me after priming several thousand 44 special/44 Magnum cases.
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I like Trail boss powder. It works well with cast bullets. I load 45acp, 45colt, 7.62 Nagant, 38sp and 30-30 with it. You just mark the case were the bottom of the bullet will be when seated. Fill the case to the mark weight it this is your max load. 70% of that is your starting load. IMRs link http://www.imrpowder.com/data/handgu...ss-feb2005.php Burns clean and is accurate in my guns. Only use it with cast bullets in handguns and don't compress it.

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I used to load a 200 grain FWC over 7.7 grains of Unique. It made major power and was very accurate. I won quite a few PPC matches with that load.
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For a revolver, you can go as low as you want. Simply adjust to a faster powder as you move down in velocity.
For the ultimate low recoil, you want a light bullet and a low velocity.
If knocking over steel is not a requirement, a 180gn DEWC and a low charge weight of a fast powder like AA2, Solo 1000, or Bullseye would be good. If a lead bullet, I would avoid TiteGroup.
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