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reloading 30-30 question?

Anybody using H4198 in the 30-30 for their BFR or Contender? I heard this was producing even better velocities than varget. what kind of velocity are you getting?
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I use Accurate 4350 in my 30.06 150gr bullet 51.3 up to 57.0 so I load 54.5 witch is half way. I do not shoot over 200 yards so I do not need to load heavy I have found that the light load the wind will move the bullet a little more.
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wolf - not sure what barrel length you are using but the differance in burn rate may be what gets the H4198 more velocity. In short barrels all the H4198 will burn and the varget will not burn clean. Check the link for a burn rate chart. Powder Burn Rate Comparison Chart @
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i just use god ole 3031. then again i never chrono graphed it
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4198 in a .30-30? For T/C Contender or carbine I use:
I don't think I've ever even seen a 4198 load for .30-30.
All the powder is burned in the first inch or two.
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