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.44 Caliber bullets. .429, .430?

Hi All,

I want to start realoading for my .44 Magnum revolvers, and I have come to a quandry.

I was looking at the bullet selection on MIDWAYUSA for the .44 caliber bullets. SOME of the bullets are .429, and others are .430, while other s are .431. Some are even .427 in size!

Which ones would I use? Does it matter? I'm confused!

Thanks for your help!
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The standard for .44 magnum and .44 special is .429". If you have any doubts, slug your barrel. That will tell you what to use.
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For cast lead bullets .431 or .431 dia bullets usually give the best accuracy,most jacketed bullets are .429. In my Ruger I use cast bullets and size them at .429 and have good accuracy and no leading. I also keep the velocity below 1200 fps.
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44 Magnum and Special jacketed bullets are usually sized .429

Lead bullets with the above are generally either .430 or .431

The ones that are sized .427 are used for 44-40. You may not get either a good seal (bullet in barrel) or good accuracy using these!
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If you are going to load lead for your revolvers, it might be a real good idea to slug your barrels. That will give you the actual diameter of your barrels. Then you can load lead at .010 to .015 over to make the lead seal better and grab the lands better. Once you know your barrel diameters, you know what to buy/cast.

Oops! Didn't notice the original date. The OP probably got this info already. Sorry.
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