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If you do a lot of shooting it is cheaper to reload! I do a loot of shooting from 32 SWL up to SW 460 in hand guns and 223 up to 30.06 in longer guns and also black powder guns. If I did not reload I could not shoot 3 times a week. The state of IN has a free range 20 miles from my house that has a 25 50 100 200 yard range that has a concrete walk to the target and 3 shooting benches at each range that is under cover. We shoot about 6 hr at a time.
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9mm at Walmart is back down in the $10/box of 50 range. That's 20 cents per for cheap ball.

I reloaded 124gr cast lead that I bought at $7/100. That's 7 cents per bullet. Wolf SP primers $17/1000, even with shipping and hazmat (ordering with friends at work and splitting costs) my share was $8, 2.3 cents per primer. 5.0gr Universal Clays, $20/lb- hazmat and shipping already figured on the primers. 7000 grains/lb = 1400 rounds = 1.4 cents/rnd. Total = 10.7 cents per round.

I can reload practice ammo for just over half what I pay for ball at Walmart.

The Walmart in Ocala carries reloading supplies including Hornady XTP hollowpoints in 9mm for just under $15/100. 5.5 gr of N330 @1250fps 1.9 cents per round. Total = 18.2 cents per round for high performance HP ammo. $9.10/box of 50.

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i handload 9mm for 6 bucks per 50 rounds.
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Originally Posted by Devereaux View Post
No one seems to count their time as of any value.
When setting around It will keep you doing somthing good for your self saving MONEY
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If reloading took me away from my job I would count the time of value. I also don't count the time I spend fishing or watching baseball for the dollar amount involved. Should I?
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...Good way of putting it. The joy of reloading, in the barn with my dog (Champ). I would pay if I had to, to take this time away from other things is a no-brainer for me.
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Well, at $6-7 to reload a box of 9mm, and the ability to reload 300-400 rounds per hour, I am saving $18-24 per hour, and that is completely worth my time...and I enjoy it.

Speaking of...Yesterday I just received my latest order of Precision Bullets.
138 pounds...the mail man hates me.

2500-115gr 9mm
2250- 200gr 45

A gun is like a parachute: If you need one and don't have one, you won't be needing one again.
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not at all... you pay by weight to ship... he LOVES you... hahahaaahaah LOL
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