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38 special shot loads & making gaschecks

Was just wondering if anybody had any experience loading shot into 38 special cases? Wondering what load (maybe 3 gr of bullseye?) and what to use for over powder wad and end was. Thought of using gaschecks but want to make my own from popcans. Anyone know of the procedure of doing all this??
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Years ago I made up some of my own .357 shotshells. I did not really know what I was doing, but I did it anyway.

I used the powder dipper out of my LEE .357 die set ( I don't remember what grain weight it throws) and UNIQUE powder.

After sizing, and priming the cases, I put a dipper full of UNIQUE into each one. Then, for a 'wad' I just used a .22 caliber cotton cleaning patch. I then put as many pieces of shot (I don't remember the size, but they were small) on top of the patch 'wad'. to seal up the case I dribbled melted wax over the shot.

I made a hundred of these shot shells and they all fired and worked perfectly. They were great fun to shoot. Absolutely NO recoil, and very little noise. I remember they were pretty effective out to about 20 feet or so.

I know this is not specifically what you were asking, but I thought I would share it anyway. Maybe you will find it useful.
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I just buy the shot cup and gas check alreay made(I think from speer)then you load EXACTLY TO THEIR SPECS,just use your shot size.
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If you use the Speer capsules, there is no need for gas checks. Trick, the smaller the shot size, the better patterns you will get. #12 are the best. Range is measured in feet no matter the shot size. For the future reference, its far better and more consistant to buy Hornady crimp-on gas checks. Lyman and Forster homemade do not crimp on and can irregularly fall off in flight.
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