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Anyone Reloading .50 AE here?

Searched thread and did not find anything on the .50 AE.
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Yes but for a revolver using 460 gr cast bullets which I do not suggest anyone try in a desert eagle.
I have had problems with different dies and different brass leaving appropriate tension on the case.
I had double detonation 2 times (thank the Lord the revolver held) and a the primer was the culprit but that was 20 years ago and I hope their QC has improved since then as they are a major company.
This is one miserable round to shoot in a revolver and I am comparing that to a 460 and a 45-70 BFR which are down right pleasant compared to the 50 A.E.
Anything I say about loads won't help you as you have one major issue I don't- function.
Function in an auto's is the number one (after to safety) and accuracy comes next. I don't have that problem.
While the 50 A.E. has been overshadowed by others it was THE round for a brief while and it is nothing to be trifled with as it has lost none of it's power when other more powerful rounds showed up.
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