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Sweet deals

Hello all Id like to take a second to talk about something that every gun guy loves and thats a sweet deal. today is one such occasion this afternoon my neighbor came over with complaint of a leak near his water heater. being pretty a handy guy i grabbed my handy old plumbers bag and a torch from my garage. the fix was very quick half hour maybe. we settled the payment with a nice used .22 pistol made by phoenix arms. ive got plenty of guns and have even purchased one of these in the past in .25 cal though i like it so does my lady! hey another one for the safe
small piece of copper and half hour of my time = SWEET DEAL!!!!
i wanna hear some more sweet firearms deals
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The times I've had a chance to get sweet deals on guns have been rare during the last few years. A friend had several rifle and pistols to sell after inheriting them from his father, but they were gone before I learned he wanted to sell them. Years ago while I was a student in a night class, one of the other students was told to sell his guns immediately by his wife. He had discharged a pistol while drinking and cleaning guns at the same time. The pistols were gone before I could call him. I keep a few dollars available as usually the sweet deals aren't available very long.
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Nothing that sweet but I did pick up Colt Metropolitan 38 special in near mint condition for $350. I liked it.
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i have a friend who i helped do some things to a car he was going to sell, painted some spots, new headliner etc. & then helped him move once. he moved in with a new girlfriend who had some "hell on wheels" small boys, so he gave me his taurus stainless steel 357 magnum. said he was afraid the boys would find it. i told him i would hold it for him until he wanted it back & he said no, i had helped him out a bunch & he wanted me to have it...

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