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Glock26 G4 vs CZ P-01: 4 Car

I own a few rifles and a Beretta 92 I keep by the bed. I have been wanting to get a handgun for my car for a while now and think I have narrowed it down to 2 I am most interested in.

I would like to get some opinions from people out there what they would feel more comfortable keeping in their cars on a permanent basis living in the Hot Texas climate. Glock 26 G4 vs CZ P-01. Oh please try to limit other suggestions and if you cant help yourself realize I am set on 9mm for caliber

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, is much appreciated.
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Never owned a CZ but they seem to be fine guns. I own two Glocks, 21 and 36, and have never had any complaints with either. Since concealment is not a consideration for a car/truck gun, I would suggest going to something with a little longer grip like maybe a 19. I owned a 26 for a few years but just didn't like the short grip. I know extensions are available but why not go ahead and get something just a little bigger. Only my opinion, good luck with your purchase.
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Glock. Hands down.
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i like the details
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I would say glock. BUt only because I have a handful and have been pleased with them. No need to venture off the reservation, Know what i mean?
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I've fired a G26 a lot and they're surprisingly easy to shoot for a compact pistol. Don't know about the CZ P-01. For a car gun it may be even better. If you can handle both, or better yet rent or borrow them to fire, that would be best. I doubt you'd go wrong with either, but
not everyone likes the compact Glocks. There's not much on a Glock to protect your hand from slide bite anyway, and the G26 requires a little extra attention to that detail.

If you're considering actually keeping it in your car, on a "permanent basis in the hot Texas climate," you'll be conducting a real world torture test of Glock polymer durability so please report its condition after a few years. I think it would be fine ...
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I own a CZ 75B - I love it!!!!
From what I've seen, the P-01 is similar.
As for the Glock - I've never been fond of them, never felt right in my hand.
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