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Range test with new 92fs

Real pleased with my new Beretta 92fs. She was pretty tight for the first 50 rounds, but no FTFs. Now she is smooth, and dead-on accurate. Very pleased with the pistol.

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I'm glad you like it.

I have often lusted for another one, but then I remember certain things about the 92F and it's varients that I don't care for. LAPD has had good luck with them.

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Huge Beretta 92 fan. I have eight variants. Over the years, I've liked a lot of different guns. At the moment, this is my fav platform. I have "D" springs in all of mine, and they shoot great
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Congrats on a nice pistol.
The M9 is the only 9mm pistol that I have but it's a pleasure to shoot.
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Tre are a lot of people out there who knock the beretta but I love mine also. I have never had a jam or a hiccup and have 2,000 rounds thru it. I usually only clean it after 500 rounds. IO shoot it better than all my other pistols as well (springfield xd 45, glock 20, smith and wesson 357)
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nice shooting. has anyone used the 9mm tul ammo in there gun or more namely a p-85 ?
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Originally Posted by Ruger View Post
nice shooting. has anyone used the 9mm tul ammo in there gun or more namely a p-85 ?
the P-85/89
will eat anything you feed it.
solid gun, never picky.
the tula shoots dirty - and isn't the best grouping ammo out there, but it's cheap, goes bang, and puts a hole where you want it for the most part...
oh yeah - wasn't this the guy that was talking smack about cheap Comblock/Russian ammo a while ago?

Oh wait... He blocked me.
too bad, He asked a smart question without any chest thumping lies about his financials, or life experiences, claiming he pounds on trees with his pistol to test it's toughness. and so He received a smart, helpful answer to his question... but he is a tool, and now he Can't see my answer.
I do believe another forum member warned him about things like that happening.
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My Beretta 92f is 23+ years old, I bought it in January 1989.

In those 23 years I bet I had less then 5 or 6 malfunctions.
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I didn't like the beretta 92FS when I got my first one. However this is the model I needed for the State Guard. After shooting it a few hundred rounds I began to enjoy shooting it much more. It's been very accurate and easy to shoot. I still prefer to carry a 1911, but the beretta is inexpensive and fun to shoot at the range.
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