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Bushmaster Arm Pistol Value?????

I have the above pistol that I'm considering selling. It was made by Gwinn firearms in Bangor Maine in 1972. It's a bullpup .223 that uses a some M16/AR15 parts, but it's not like any of the current AR15 pistols (They're basically a rifle with recoil spring tube sans stock). This one is extremely similar to a Colt IMP which was designed for the US Air Force, to be contained within the pilot's ejector seat, and would be used for survival in case he had to bail out. When you hold it in your hand by the pistol grip, the back of the receiver rests on your arm, all the way back to your elbow, and the barrel is about 3 or four inches in front of your grip.

Mine has the safety within the trigger guard, just above and forward of the trigger. It is in almost perfect condition. There is one nick in the metal/finish near one of the takedown pins. This is hidden when the pin is in it's normal place. It uses all brands of AR15 magazines, but is designed to work with Isreali Orlite mags. With one of these in place, you can insert the mag deep enough into the well so that it functions as a bolt hold open device. When you tug on the mag, it pulls out and locks in it's normal place, and strips the top round off the mag and chambers it. The Orlite mags will not come totally out of the gun when yanked...they just work as designed.

It has about 100 rounds through it and functions perfectly.

any thoughts as to what I might expect to get for it? I saw one on one of the auction sites with a starting price of $900, but that might be one of those persons who advertise crazy prices hoping someone will bite. Then again, maybe that's what it's worth...I don't know....
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did you ever get an answer? Thx.
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I'll give you $50 for it!!
Just kidding.
I would NEVER part with such an irreplaceable firearm fo such unique design.
I'd love to have one for my classes.
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No, I never did get any answers. The local gun stores where I took it, looked at it with total confusion/amusement. Their general thoughts were that it was a firearm with absolutely no purpose. Their comments were that it is too big to carry concealed as a pistol, and not what they would carry should they need a rifle. The 3 stores had never seen anything like it, or even heard of it. I met one "collector", who also had no idea about it, and although he was interested in it, had no idea what it might be worth (then again, neither do I).

I didn't realize it at the time, but Mack Gwinn Industries (MGI) is still in business. I attempted to contact them through email, but received no answer (twice). At that point, I dropped the issue. I should probably give them a phone call.
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I've seen em before and my brohter had one. Still has one of the old Bushmaster rifles (pre-AR). best bet for info, go to http://www.smallarmsreview.com/home.htm and check for back issues as I know one had an artice on thse. maybe contcat them about more info. they have a greatamount of knowledge on this type of firearm and I'm sure can give the info you want.
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