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My G17 hurts my finger - ?

I have a Glock model 17. This is my second Glock. I had a 21 about 10 years ago that I shot in USPSA. I put many rounds through that one and it was a great pistol. I like my model 17 that I bought about 2 years ago, but I have one issue. Shooting it hurts my trigger finger - where the trigger safety meets my finger. It's uncomfortable to shoot after 15 rounds or so. I never had this problem with my 21. I noticed that the front of teh trigger safety won't move rearward enough to become flush with the trigger itself. Maybe they're all that way - I've never looked before. Any idea what is making my finger hurt while shooting this gun? Thanks in advance.
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Ferdinand ,I'm afraid you have contracted glocksthrophalangealarbursa syndrome this usually occours due to digitally misaligned phalangeal metacarpti,due to the hydrospherical grip angle of the dubious 17.It is imperitive that you get rid of that 17 before it's to late! I will gladly dispose of that crippler for you,I'll even pay shipping!
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For a temporary solution I would suggest loosely wrapping a piece of electric tape around your finger for target practice. It is really up to you what you do to remedy this in the long term. If you want to, you could try shaving off a little tiny bit of the bar but it sticks out to help ensure that it is reliably disengaged. If it were flushed completely with the trigger then it may become unreliable. Good luck.
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I actually grab medical tape and wrap it around my trigger finger. It really helps. I also wrap my thumbs when I load that 10 round into a magazine.

I hope this helps you.
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Years ago I swapped my 'target trigger' on my 23 for an old style smooth trigger....made all the difference in the world. They can still be found on ebay and old dusty shelves. The grooves on the trigger were to increase importation points, so the smooth triggers were out. Find one and you'll love it!
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