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I had a brief but irritating email discussion with someone who represents the Felk pistol company. I thought I'd share the conversation with all. Please, let me know if this individual reflects his company and the Felk products:

Original email to Felk - 10/19/2005

Good Day!

I understand you're the contact for the FELK MTF in the USA. If this is true, who sells these handguns? Unfortunately, the www.felk.com.au website has very, very little information about their product(s). One example of ineffective information on the website is absolutely no information about the switch slide/barrel combinations. At least the website identified you as a contact. So, where can I find a very good description of the FELK MTF and who sells the handguns?

Thanks for your time/information!

Follow-up Response From Felk - January 07, 2006

Dear Felk Inquirer:

I must explain the delay in responding to your inquiry. And I apologize. See, the Felk pistol is designed to fire four calibers off the same frame, by fingering a release lever and sliding one off and one on, and change magazines. So you could fire 9mm, .357, .40 and .45.

This has been a difficult trick to accomplish on a manufacturing tolerance basis. We have tightened and tightened, and think we have it. Dropped the .357 for now. Please see the attachment in MS Word, illustrated, which explains our offer and I hope you will order and enjoy the flexible Felk.

Sincerely, Brian Edwards at Felk Felk@verizon.com;sellam@buggs.net

My follow-up Response To Felk - 1/7/2006

Dear Sir,

Thank you for finally responding to my question that was sent over four months ago. If your delay in responding to my question represents your products, I don't think I want any Felk product.

Felk had the gaul to respond to the above email:
From: John Lenkey sellam@buggs.net
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: Felk Pistols

Dear Sir: Your logic is faulty. Is that a quick enough answer for you?

The Felk team

With that jerk's last response, I guess I decided to let him have it with both barrels:

To: John Lenkey sellam@buggs.net
Date: Sunday, January 08, 2006 2:24 PM

The fact remains the same, "Dear Sir," you took many, many months to answer a simple question that initiated this email conversation. Therefore, you fail to examine facts and you're responding out of emotion. Also, your second response is a second indicator that your organization is not worthy. As previously stated, I do not want any Felk products.

I suggest you refrain from any additional responses. I definitely plan to publish the email responses I have already received from your organization. Be sure to look at this email conversation in a future NRA publication.

Have A Wonderful Day!

Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of crap from Felk or any other firearm company?
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who the Hell is Felk i&#39;v never heird of them
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Just went to their web site i see nothing special I&#39;d just as well get an XD or a Walter P99
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Who the FELK are they?

Never heard of them.

Good Shooting&#33;
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Felk is a small Australian manufacturer producing yet another Glock/XD wannabe. They have had many initial teething problems. The basic design and the ergonomics are fine but there have been issues with FTF/FTE mainly caused by faulty magazines. Hopefully, they will have all issues resolved and begin producing a &#39;quality&#39; handgun.

As far as the &#39;concern&#39; over their late response. I am still waiting for a reply by the much vaunted Springfield Armory over ANY support of one of their orphaned guns. But then again it has only been three request over four months . There has been absolutely NO response or acknowlegement from Taurus over the computer on concerns on one of their models.
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I saw them listed in a buyer guide a while ago but never could find any site on them. Had no intentions of buying one then and definately don't now.
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felk pistols

ok i know this thread is old guys but i just stumbled upon it b/c i just started a search on felk pistols.

see, everybody thinks that it's a glock/xd wannabe. well, the xd is a glock wannabe too.

this felk actually is starting out as the xd did. bet most of ya'll never heard of the xd before springfields sorry asses got ahold of em.

the xd started out as the hs2000 years back. used to sell for $200-$250 new. (the felk lists at $150). same gun as it is today just a different name on the slide. and twice the price! thank springfield for that.

oh! we engraved our name on the slide! lets double the price! then years later everybody knows about them and it's such a hot new item thats just so wonderful! and the damn things been around for years.

anyway, point being don't blame the quality of a gun based on the importer or distributor or in fact the price!

i'm going to try to get ahold of one of these and see just what they're like.

better try to get one before some big sorry ass company buy's all importation and doubles the price springfield! from my experiances they need to get the 1911 running as good as the colts before they move on to other things. damn things are jam-o-matics!
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