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New aluminum "Bumpski" bumpfire stock works on multiple firearms via adapters

This BumpFire stock from Fostech Outdoors LLC fits all three of the stamped receiver, semi-automatic versions of the AK47, the AK74 and the Saiga shotguns. It is made from 100 % billeted aluminum, CNC machined and anodized to be a true quality product. It just debuted and they are taking orders and encouraging dealers and distributors. Fostech Outdoors will soon have adapters available for their BumpFire stocks to fit a variety of other rifles such as the AR15, SKS, mini 14, ect.
These adapter bars will allow the bottom half of the BUMPSKI to slide off and will slide back into the other commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that you have purchased the adapter bars for. No longer do you have to purchase the entire stock just to have it on more than one rifle.
See more details on the currently selling Bumpski BumpFire stock and info on the upcoming different adapters at the Fostech Outdoors website below…...


The BUMPSKI is the only patented bumpfire stock on the market since it is covered by my former patent that is now an asset of Fostech Outdoors LLC.
Here's the latest new video Fostech has uploaded at their website of the "Bumpski" stock firing. Fostech flew me to Indiana when we worked out our agreement and along with some of the principle members of Fostech, I'm in this video firing it too from that visit.....


You might also want to read this below linked blog article from the Military Arms Channel about Slide Fire Solutions and Fostech Outdoors.
The Military Arms Channel’s blog link…….

Military Arms Channel Blog: The Bumpfire Stock Wars

Very soon Fostech Outdoors will also be marketing the Springless AA2 (Akins Accelerator 2) stock which is a springless, isometric, redesign/retrofit of my old Akins Accelerator stocks for the .22 long rifle cartridge Ruger 10/22 rifle. Fostech will also be offering my perforated barrel shroud design as an accessory for the AA2. Look for that in the near future.

Bill Akins,
inventor & patentee of the bump fire stock patent now an asset of Fostech Outdoors LLC.


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Check out this below video link that shows part of the Bumpski stock being CNC machined out......

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Pics of finished product......

Quality made as you can see from the video and pics, which you can get for an incredibly small fraction of the price of full auto.
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