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Cleaning Rods

I'm sure this has been covered many times and the debate will continue, but I have searched this forum (with my limited skills) and cannot find a discussion on cleaning rods (please provide link to previous discussions). Specifically, nylon coated vs carbon fiber vs SS....

I'm looking for recommendations on a quality one piece cleaning rod. The segmented aluminum rods have to go and I need some replacements. The aluminum rods get scratched up to easily and pick up to much crap. Now, what do I use..? I've looked at both the Dewey and Tipton rods and have read many comments on the pros and cons of both.

I would just like to bring this subject to the members here and see what ya'll have to say. What do ya'll use, what do you like .. dislike and so forth. I'm leaning more to the Tipton, but would like more input before I invest in their system.

The pistols and rifles I own range from a .22 cal up to a .460. I have also used snake bores and the Otis system on many of these weapons but a good cleaning rod is a must.

What are ya'll using..?

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I use brass with my bolt actions. I use a wood dowel with my lever-action and pistols. I've used carbon arrows also.

...nuff said.
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The majority of my long rods are Tipton carbon rods. They work well, the handles are ball bearing smooth and they will accept a little tapping on really tight patches. The other rods are Dewey, some with roller handles and some with fixed handles for chamber cleaning and shotguns.

I've used a lot of other brands over the years and found they just didn't stand up to the volume of use in my shop without scratching, bending, and generally being relegated to the scrap heap. If you're serious about cleaning your guns, buy a good rod and just consider it an investment.
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