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Wishlist / Next in line list

I was going over my wishlist earlier and was just wondering what firearms were on the top of other folks lists. I know every gun nut's got one. Here's mine -

*Rifle - Ruger Gunsite Scout
*Shotgun - Mossberg 590A1
*Revolver - S&W Model 29 4" barrel
*Pistol - (I break these down into different catagories - DAO, DA/SA, 1911 for example)
*DAO - XD 4" service, S&W M&P, also looking into a Steyr
*DA/SA - A Sig (Haven't made up my mind on the model yet) and probably something of the CZ family
*1911 - Colt Defender .45 ACP

I do know I want another 9mm and a .40 or two. I just can't match the caliber to the pistol yet.

Anyway, I was just wondering what was at the top of your list?
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I can't believe I'm the only one who keeps a list. Whoda thunk it?
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My full list is too long and I don't put them in order because if I find a deal on one I will grab it. But as far as what the next one(s) I plan on looking for are an M1 Garand for myself and M1 carbine for my wife. Hopefully income tax time I'll have enough left over to grab them. But as usually happens to me, dad just called me yesterday about a friend of his who has to relinquish his (PTSD and was going to "give" them to the police department) so a Russian SKS (with a case of ammo) or Remington .270 might make it to my safe before the Garand does because they will probably be had real cheap. The only one in my possesion so far that I actually looked for is my Glock 29, the rest I just happen to run across on a deal.

Other high priority wants include:
.50 Beowulf AR
Mosin Nagant
5.45x39 rifle (either a saiga, or tantal)
Yugo AKM
FN 5x7
10MM AR carbine

Generics include one copy of every style AK (Maadi, Norinco, Polish, Russian, Galil etc), all 3 configurations of M1A (Scout SOCOM etc.), one of every mini.
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I just finished off a big part of my wish list by picking up an M1 Garand. About all I have left in the rifle category is an HK91. For pistols, I am looking for a nice Colt Commander 1911. What can I say, I am a man of simple tastes.
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I try to limit myself to 2 guns a year....I've already bought a Ruger SP101 .357 Mag, and a Mini 14 this year (I know it's only Feb.). I still want a Blackhawk or Super Blackhawk, but I DID spy a real nice S&W 10MM yesterday (don't have one of 'em YET) and I would love a Kimber 1911 (only have Colt & Springfield) and if I found an AR 15 at a good price (was looking for this when I found the Mini)....but I really need to stock up on more ammo. Now I need a bigger gun safe,if my better half had any idea of my habit she'd use one of my guns on me! The good news is there's a gunshow next week!
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I need a good, cheap, Tactical shotgun

realistically - that's about all I need.

wish list?
M1A in a Troy MCS
a good high cap 9mm carbine
and a good .45 handgun.
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I want a Keltec Sub2K.

I "need" a 12 gauge.
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O.K., Y'all don't laugh. I've kinda been wanting one of those Henry lever action .22lr that they sell at Walmart. The problem is....that if I get one, then I'll "need" a nice stainless .22 revolver to go with it. And of course if you get a nice stainless revolver, you have to get both cylinders, so you can also shoot .22 mag. Then I'll need a lever action rifle in .22 mag, to go with that.
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I don't have a specific list, but kind of a vague list of things I am keeping an eye out for a good deal on at pawn shops, gun shows, etc.
- bolt or lever action rifle in 22 mag.
- a lever action carbine in a pistol caliber for which I already load.
- a Savage short action rifle that I can use as a starting point for a project.

Other than that I am thinking of convertng one of my AR-15s to a different caliber, but I am still undecided on which caliber.
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