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Where do you carry extra ammo?

Didn't really know where to put this so I guess here is as good as anywhere else. I suspect that most of the people who read this forum realize that one magazine and a handfull of loose ammo is not the ideal way to go. I also suspect that many of you have either web gear or molle gear or something that you use to carry your "stuff". Well, I wanted to share something with everyone that works for me and may work for you as well.
Several years ago I discovered that the military issued ammo pack/bandoleer would readily accept three loaded stripper clips per pocket vs. the two stripper clips + the cardboard sleeve that it comes with. Personally, I prefer to insert an empty cardboard ammo box, minus one end flap, into each pocket then place three loaded stripper clips into each box. Now, instead of having an extra 140 rnds I have an extra 210 rnds. Oh yeah, each pocket will also hold one loaded 20 rnd AR mag if that's what you prefer.
Cheers, Stevo
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SG1 10 in the magazine and 5 on the stock. Mossberg 835 Blackhawk Spec-Ops

SG2 5 in the magazine and 5 on the stock. Maverick 88

SG3 1 in the chamber, a hand full at each door. Rossi .410 single shot

SG4 1 in the chamber, a hand full at each door. Savage "Long Tom" single shot

835 Ulti-Mag 12 ga. 28" & 24" rifled +4 mag Knoxx Spec-Ops, Limbsaver, and Williams Fire Sights

Mav-88 28" & 18.5" slug barrel

S&W M&P -15 5.56 Sport

S&W 5904 9mm
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I have a LBE from the early 70s.
Joe R
A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3
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