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new .22lr Remington 597

I picked this up today. It has the hideous "chameleon" paint. So ugly, I might keep it that color! I added a folding bi-pod to it today. I'll get to the range on Sunday and see how it does.

Anyone else with a 597?

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Hey Red! I am in the market for a .22 and was considering the 597. I changed gears and I'm looking at a Savage MKII bolt gun. I only changed my mind because I want to save a few $ and figured with an autoloader I'd shoot more ammo and pay less attention to technique. I've heard the 597 get bad rapped but I've also heard the action rails need to be set up correctly. My guess is you'll have good luck with it. If you need advice check out the rimfirecentral boards. I'm Surlycamera over there. Let me know how that thing shoots.
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The only issue I've had was with some subsonic rounds, couldn't load more than 3 at a time or the mag would choke. I've heard good things about the Savage guns, my buddy has a .308 and it's nice.

With only having 10 round mags, I haven't gotten too crazy burning up ammo yet. They make a 30 round but I'm sticking with the stock mags. Although, I might need 'em in case of a zombie outbreak!!!
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i have a 597 and it shoots alright just wish that they made more aftermarket parts for it...i gave it to my wife and went and bought a 10/22
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Not a bad gun. Had some feeding problems with Winchester and Remington ammo's. After the 3rd or 4th round the magazine would bind and not feed. Switched to CCI's and the problem solved.
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I have had a 597 for a 3 years and I love it. The 597 can be a bit picky on ammo types though, but since I started using CCI 40 grain round nose I haven't looked back! I have found that because .22 ammo is inherently waxy the 597 can and will gum up quickly if the guide rods are too tight (this problem is easily solved). I also own a 10/22 and being a Ruger fan I hate to say she has only collected dust since I have owned the 597.
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