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I wasn't sure where to post this as it applies to rifles, shotguns and pistols so I guess this might be the best fit although I fear it won't get the exposure. There have been some references to what is being used scattered out through the various forums but it is hard to consolidate and find all the info.

I am primarily interested in shotgun and rifle applications but feel free to share your handgun experiences also. There are some pretty expensive solutions available but what about some innovative thinking and lowcost ideas. How bright and effective are they, how long do they last in use, etc ?

Thanks right up front for all who share here.

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I don&#39;t currently have one mounted, but I will soon. I am going to mount a Surefire G2. They are about 35-40 bucks and can be used with a 1" light mount. Surefires are without a doubt, the best lights of all time.
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i dont have any mounted on my long guns yet, or my .45 for that matter. right now i have a brinkman legend xenon burn out your eyes sitting on my desk next to my spare mag. the idea is a two handed bit for target id. got its for like &#036;20 at walmart. suckers bright too.

After Christmas i will be deciding on how i will be mounting a light on my 12ga. and my mini as well. it all depends on what people decide to get me off of my list hehe.

you definatly want the light to be bright to help in temp blinding whoever you hit but you also want it to be light too i would think. especially if its on a long gun because i think if you had alot of extra weight at the tip it would take alot more effort and slow down any quick turns.

ive seen kits that will let you use a mini maglight AA that includes a replacement cap so you can use the switch from your off hand while its on the weapon. they are like &#036;25 but the mini maglight isnt that bright.

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I&#39;ve got a Scorpion mounted on an Amegaranges side mount on a Mini-14 and and OMBU z5 on my springfield XD tactical.
The recoil from the XD sent the Scoprion flying, so I got the OMBU, which I like better than the more expensive Surefire or Streamlight. IMHO.
The Scorpion is perfect on the Mini-14.
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I have a surefire M900AB light on my duty M4 ar-15 (personal purchase gun). I also have a surefire x200B light on a HK 40c, had a surefire M6 on a glock 21 and have another x200B on my mini-14.
All have their unique rolls and purpose. THe M900AB is obviously the most intimidating and will reach out into the midle of a rice patty field nicely at 1AM. The search lights (LED) on the front suplement nicely in close quarters where overwhelming bright light can blind the operator or when manuvering into position for a raid Love those lense covers they sell to. Just about any color available to suite your night time taste and they make a IR one for night vision use too!

The x200B is the most versitile and lightest. It mouts to just about anything and throws a true white light to about 20 to 25 yards very well.
My least favorite was the M6 on the Glock 21. To heavy and made the gun muzzle heavy. The laser was nice and for some reason no one wanted to resist after you put that red dot on their chest. Go figure. Made the gun to impracticle in my opinion though due to weight and size.

One thing is for sure. Surfire isn't messing around with those heat warnings they put near the lamps. They WILL IGNITE OBJECTS WHEN LEFT ON. I found this out the hard way. I had a x200b rock into the on position while sitting in a pocket not attached to a weapon (they make a handy backup flashlight too). I fel tthe heat on my leg and saw my pants smoking...funy now but not so much at the time.
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