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I just bought a SIG Trailside, it was used, but still looked like new. My question is this...Has anyone found it to be ammo sensitive? and what works best for them? All I had to fire out of it was some cheap Winchester ammo, I think it is called "Expert??" I had a few misfires..and I was wondering if it could be the ammo or if it would be the firing pin. As for the misfires...the rim was dented, but it did not fire, i tried 4 times on one round and 3 times on another, each time the rim dented, but no fire. My other thing, was when it did fire, the shots were pretty scattered, I was wondering what everyone has had the best luck with?
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I have never shot the Winchester Expert. I would try switching ammo first to see if the problem keeps happening. I have always had good luck with Winchester Wildcats. It is a lead round nose but it has always shot good in my 10/22. It is also a very cheap ammo I buy it on sale a brick of 500 rounds cost me $8.00.

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I just found this forum a few minutes ago. I owned a Trailside for a few years now and do find it ammo sensitive-- so much so that I am selling the thing. Sig sent me some new magazines that do work better, but I am tired of the sensitivity. I have had numerous ammo problems at the range. The first few shots are always fine, but especially after 50-100 rounds it jams all the time. After it is cleaned, it would function fine again. I love the balance and the feel of the gun, but the malfunctions are too much. Standard velocity ammo worked best. I have heard that the newer ones have solved this problem, but I am not taking that chance. I'm now looking at the Beretta target 87 or a Neos or even the Buck Mark.

Does anyone know where else this ammo sensitivity is discussed? I heard it was a big problem with the Trailside when it first came on the market.
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Hey LOVEIT...if you are putting the Trailside for sale let me know. Send me the details to:
Thank you.
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Run some CCI through it and don't look back.
Nevada, The last free place in this country.
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