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Troy muzzle break issues????

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Hardened brakes can still be pinned with the use of carbide drills. The soldering process creates annealed threads in the brake and will most likely discolor the part due to the temperature. Silver solder for permanent installation melts between 1100 and 1300 degrees F - that's a lot of heat. The last ATF method involves welding, but that always looks bad with tack welds and then there's still the heat issue.

Carbide drills run $20 and up each, are easy to break, and therefore most folks don't like to buy them for something like a pin job where the job doesn't pay for the bits. If you planned on refinishing the rifle, say with DuraCoat, the soldering process isn't an issue because the discoloration will be removed/coated and the barrel is a soft part anyway. Good torch manipulation will still leave the rest of the brake hard. Most hardened brakes rely on vibrations (Smith Vortex) to break up the fireball so heat control is important.

It can be done on both rifles, it's just not an easy job to do it right. If the retailer you spoke to said no drilling, no soldering at their shop I can only assume they were going to TIG weld it in place with a few tack welds around the brake/barrel junction. Thread lockers aren't approved by the ATF for permanent parts.

I hope that helps. It's always good to ask these questions ahead of time. If you send it to me I can pin it or solder it depending on how much work you want done. I don't like to weld brakes on. If the brake is stainless it can still be soldered and then bead blasted to remove the heat discoloration. I can usually keep bluing from going too bad, or just blast and coat the brake for a like new appearance.

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