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Great West Gunsmithing GunDoc can fix up your Mini-14 like no other...

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Thumbs up Outstanding, Quality Work & Return Time.

It is really amazing to me that there still exists someone out there who cares about his work and does exactly what he says he will do.Having never contacted Great West Gunsmithing, I made contact with John Baker via E-mail, I asked if he would perform his famous trigger job on three of my Mini 14 trigger groups. Not only did He accept my request, He cut me a deal and said," ship-em. " Well, He received my triggers on July 20,2011. On July 23,2011 I received my triggers, All three completed,at no extra charge. What is amazing about this is I live in Florida and He is in Montana.His work, fit,finish and quality is second to none.The triggers are as smooth as glass.I can only say I am amazed by this type of service. Mr.Baker performs exceptionally high quality work and will do exactly what he says,a blessing this day in time! Well, I will let everyone of my "firearms buddies" know of Great West Gunsmithing. Thank You, Mr.John Baker, (GUN DOC!!!)
The trigger groups are OUTSTANDING!!!!
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Thank you very much, it was my pleasure to work with you and I hope you enjoy the triggers!

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