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Great West Gunsmithing GunDoc can fix up your Mini-14 like no other...

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Thanks Gun Doc

Some of you may remember me. I posted of a serious issue I was having with a .223 mini 14. Many of you tried to help with suggestions etc. Simply, at 25 yds it was deadly. At 50, it was totally useless as a rifle; might as well just turned it around & used it as a club. "Groups" were non-existent & various combinations of bullets/ powders and all the tricks I could think of whilst reloading didn't help either. A typical 10 round clip had differences in elevation of 12-15" while windage was just as bad at 8-10". Using it even had me doubting my own proficiency for awhile & if it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't doing that bad with other rifles and open sights, I might have just hung it all up. Read about John aka Gun Doc here and decided that I would go with this man and his suppossed expertise on this gun. Right from the start, everything went well. Original contact, communication, what I could expect, feedback, etc. Two problems were found that I wasn't even aware of. Rifle had been customized, parkerized, and then stored for 35 yrs. Evidently, parkerizing agent had found its way into the barrel and he spent alot of timing working to correct this. The barrel has some other issues that I was unwilling at this point to address because of my intended use for this gun; it was just not worth it. The crown had to be re-cut. Additionally, there were some problems with the original factory sights.
He did not try to sell me anything. WE discussed my intent on using this gun, what is was worth to me, what I wanted to do with it, and what I expected out of it, especially after the initial dismal results i got with it. WE both agreed on a plan on how to proceed at a specified cost.
Within a month, John contaced me that he was done with it and apologized for the fact that the best he could do was to give me 2 1/2- 3" groups @ 50 yds and that he was not happy ! I was wetting myself at this point. This type of group on what had just been a major POS for me ?
Just come back from some range time and maybe I can shoot better than you John (hahahahah) but I posted some 1-2" groups with some of the handloads I made up. Am I happy ? You bet your ***.
I would go with this man if you have any problems with your mini; as oppossed to pulling your hair out or outright giving up the hobby. VERY good experience AAA+++. Thanks John.
Gettysburg, Pa
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Out of about a dozen guns I own, I prefer my Mini due to the glassy smooth, totally creepless, crisp-breaking trigger that GunDoc made out of the original factory truck trigger. WAY better than my Ruger Super Redhawk, which has a dang fine factory trigger!
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