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Northern Lights

Jonina Oskardottir/AP
The Northern Lights in the sky Thursday above Faskusfjordur on the east coast of Iceland ...

The solar storm that swept over Earth Thursday didn't seem to cause any major problems, as some had feared.

But the prediction that it would create some beautiful Northern Lights has proved to be quite true.
Photo: Northern Lights Over Iceland : The Two-Way : NPR

Anyone see a good show?
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I was completely surprised when I saw this a few hour ago:
Monday, March 12, 2012
... Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, have moved to within 3 degrees of each other in the western sky at twilight.

Venus, the brightest of the pair, is dazzling bright at --4.3 magnitude. Earth's breathtaking sister planet stands about 30 degrees above the western horizon at 8:30 tonight and shines 3 degrees to the right of stunning Jupiter, which currently glistens at --2.2 magnitude. Venus will continue its climb above the horizon and sit 3 degrees to the upper right of Jupiter Tuesday and Wednesday evenings before separating to 4 degrees by Thursday evening. This week's pairing will last all evening until the two planets set around 11 p.m.

... this year's pairing is a little more impressive for observers because it occurs higher in the sky than most conjunctions between the lustrous duo.

Stargazing: Stunning pairing of Venus and Jupiter

Both Venus and Jupiter look elongated. Venus is incredibly bright and looks like a satellite. Even if you are in the a city check it out of you have clear weather tomorrow night.
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