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kci fal mags

so i got my new fal and am having a blast with it. but like the rest of us i wanted more mags. CTD has kci made in korea mags for $15 so i figured why not give it a chance after reading some good reviews and some bad. well after placing the order i jumped over to aim surplus to see what they had in ammo and guess what they had dsa fal 20 mags for $17 each. as i drive past aim on my way to work i decided to get 2.

went to the range yesterday and the kci mag worked perfectly. it was a little tight going in and out but after a few times it eased up. the finish is very similar to the grey texture on the mag that came with my gun. last round hold open worked everytime as well.
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Good data point, thanks. Perhaps they've gotten the bugs worked out.

How did the DSA mags perform? Like the Korean mags, DSA's first run at FAL mags was not well-executed. Current gen ones are supposed to be 100%.
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the mag that came with the gun and the kci have the same finish and are tight going in and out. the 2 mags that i got from aim are a black finish and are easy to insert and remove. they have dsarms.com stamped on the bottom and i bought them with no packaging and looked like thay had cosmo on them. both ds arms and kci fed perfectly and last round hold open worked every time.

if i put the kci next to the mag that came with the gun it is hard to tell them apart at first. the locking point on the front is larger on the kci and the bevel on the spine is stamped compared to the ground bevel on the factory mag.

if aim has more of the ds mags when payday comes i will get more but if not i would not hesitate to get another kci.
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I got 5 of the Korean mags from AIM and sent them all back.They were crap.I do use the GLOCK KCI drop free mags and they work great so I figured I would try the FAL ones. I had only 2 mags that would even lock into the rifle and none would chamber any rounds.
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