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im OK i got mine -

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Looks great and you sure have enough mags. Hope you enjoy your FAL!
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FWIW, CDNN has the Korean metric FAL magazines for $14.99
FN FAL Metric 308 20rd Steel Asian Military Mag New

If they're like the other Korean mags I've tested, you might need to add some better springs.
FAL 20 Round Mag Spring - 120-D S Arms
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i got them with the rifle , i do indeed enjoy the rifle , one needs a few , i got a lot , i think the loaded mag is maybe not the best choice for storage , i store a few loaded the rest are as seen still wrapped , and then there is what we need to load them also stored ,

i hope all find what they need and want , we must be armed to preserve the founding fathers wishes for all men to be free and unencumbered by the oppression of an overbearing government as happened 70 years ago and as remembered yesterday , i hope all here remembered ,

almost 2500 americans gave their lives for their government and way of life , its only happened once since then and ill admitt many were probably not american citizens , but the lives lost were what we defend by retaining our 2nd amendment rights , im very disapointed in how little was said yesterday , we cannot forget without being lost ,

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