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Got my new SA58 last week

Man oh man, after waiting around 5 weeks for delivery, my new rifle arrived last week.

Long story short – I’am impressed with this rifle. Now for the rest of the story.

Back on October I started looking for a good 308 semi-auto rifle. There were lots of suggestions thrown around; like the PTR-91, CETME, Springfield M1A, FAL,,,,,. In the end I decided to spend the money for a quality product, and purchased a DS Arms SA58 FAL.

Factory, right of the box – I would compare the recoil to a 30-30. But this is a full sized 308 Winchester.

Is like having the best of 2 worlds:

1 – full powered rifle cartridge.

2 – light recoil

Unlike the Remington model 750 that has a small box magazine, the DS Arms FAL has a 20 round magazine.

When my FAL arrived at the firearms dealer I made the purchase through, I just happened to be on a 3 day camping trip on the Angelina River.

Tuesday I called my wife to check in, and she tells me my rifle has arrived, but the dealer is closed for the rest of the day and will be out of town tomorrow. At this point and time I feel like throwing the cell phone in the river.

Wednesday I can not stop thinking about my rifle, and its just outside my reach. Just on be more day and its mine.

Thursday, I get home, take a shower, drive to the gun store, and he is closed for lunch. Ok, at this point I feel like screaming at the door. But I doubt cursing and yelling at the closed sign will do any good.

Drive to the camp, check on things, use the rest room, and drive back to the dealer. This time he is open,,,, and he has my rifle.

From there my buddy and I drive over to his house, he gives me a few rounds of 308, and we fire off a few rounds. After firing just the first round I said “wow, this is one smooth shooting rifle.”

The next weekend, on December 4th I brought my new SA58 to the camp for my brother, dad and nephew to shoot. My brother did not shoot, but my nephew and dad did. Both liked the light recoil and how well the rifle handled.

In the next couple of weeks I’am going to take my new SA58 FAL to the range and sight it in. Hopefully I will be able to post a more in depth review and range report then.
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Nice rifles. And one of my favorite calibers.

Does the SA58 have the tunable gas block? How'd you do at the range?

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Originally Posted by SublimeBoa View Post
Nice rifles. And one of my favorite calibers.

Does the SA58 have the tunable gas block? How'd you do at the range?

I dont know if the gas block is tunable.

As for the range, check out this link - DS Arms SA58 FAL range report

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yes, there is adjustable gas settings,and it's a basic knowledge You should know before operating. There's a bunch of You tube videos on its operation.
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I bought a CETME CAI from one of our FF because he needed some cash. Once I ironed the disconnector and thoroughly cleaned the fluted chamber out, it was a machine. The CAI CETME's were chambered for 7.62 and were known for case head separation on commercial brass .308 ammo. But as far as hunting goes, I still hunt so my shots are very close and my AR10 was making plastic thunks on brush every time you move so I parked it. The SA58 is an excellent choice, is it a 16" barrel?
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The 58s are one of the best FAL variants and DSA makes the nicest rifles out of the box. Speaking to the great design of the STG58, even my off brand STG58 is by far my most accurate rifle with irons, my lightest FAL, and extremely reliable. I got mine cheap (by far the cheapest of my FALs) from someone that gave up on the rifle due to light primer strikes and not understanding the gas system. In business after $10 for the correct firing pin and some elbow grease. Just got lucky that the receiver was in spec and already properly head spaced. The Austrian barrel is just excellent but I believe DSA uses brand new US made barrels in their rifles instead of surplus which should aid accuracy. Buying a DSA avoids all the FAL risks and the parts that I have used from them have been top quality. The DSA 58 is the Porsche of the FALs and I wish I had one too.
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