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Compact optics?

I'm looking to upgrade my dedicated "hog jumper" FN-FAL from the Pro point red dot on it now, to a compact, varible, illuminated reticle scope. In the neighborhood of 2-7X 42mm objective, medium eye relief, CQB style package. Good light gathering and tough enough to ride the buggy and survive.

What are you guy's using/recommending? Thanks, Paul
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I have a Mini so I'm normally hanging out on that forum, but a tactical scope, is a tactical scope...

I purchased a Leatherwood CMR 1-4 x 24 a few months ago, and I couldn't be happier with it. It has a green illuminated "horseshoe" with a 1 moa dot (the small dot allows for a lot more precision a the target @ 100 yds than a big 5 moa dot). The quality, clarity, and brightness of the glass is really impressive- and the larger 30 mm tube definitely helps gather more light. It also has an etched ranging reticle and BDC calibrated in both MOA and MIL for both 5.56 (62 gr.) and .308 NATO (168 gr.).

Not exactly what you're looking for as it doesn't have the magnification you're seeking, but the 1x ( actually, I think it's more like 1.1, but it's pretty close) is great for rapid target acquisition that you're used to with the red dot. If you're willing to compromise with 4x power, this scope definitely deserves your consideration.

Hi-Lux Inc. - CMR Series - Specifications
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I ordered up a Leepers 5th Gen 2 X 7 illuminated reticle, yea, I know, it's chink junk, but it works pretty well in daylight and low light. I haven't had a chance to work with it in the dark yet and the 5 inch eye relief is taking some getting used to. (both eyes open, snap shooting)

The field of view is better than the red dot, at 2 X and the edges are sharp and clear. It looks like a pretty good deal, for a chink POS. I just hope it can take the pounding of the FN recoil and the buggy ride. Time will tell.

The closest Leatherwood dealer to me is 90 miles away, (Tampa) but I'm going to look around at the Ft. Myers gunshow this weekend, and see if I can find one to fondle... Thanks for the tip, Paul.
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