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What Happened to the FAL FILE FORUMS?

Hi, I am the new guy on the block here. Does any one know what happened to the Fal Files forum? It went down last night, does anyone here know whats up? This is my first post. Thanks wedgeman
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Nothing? Seems fine to me. Not sure how much overlap of users between PU and FF there would be anyway.
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i cant get on either , and yes indeed there is some overlap , i also keep up on my other loves of US arms 1880-1980 and commonwealth of the same era so you might be surprised at how much - i dont always post here when i visit , i often just read
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The fal files forum is loading fine for me. There was a short delay while waiting for the server to reply. But in 5 or 6 seconds the page loaded.
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I believe that their server was overloaded and they cut back on the number of people who can access the site for about a hour or so
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