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Hand polishing a barrel for bluing

I am in the process of hand polishing a barrel for bluing. I began by sanding lengthwise with 100 grit. I will then go to a shoeshine method with finer grit and continue this process until I have a high polish. I ran into a problem though. While sanding with the 100 grit some spots showed up that appear to be some shallow pitting. Can I go to a coarser grit to remove the pitting quicker and then progress to finer grits? Is there a better method to remove this pitting? Any help is appreciated.
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I use a fine file not delling on the pit,but moving around it then use 220 grit to even them out,again not dwelling on the area.I have polished quite a few bbls.Dependin g on the quality of the polish ,320,500,800,1500,2000,then terry cloth and brasso,followed flitz,this will give a mirror finish,the better the polish,the better the blue job.
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The 100 is all you need. Just remember to not only "shoe shine" it but work it diagonally so that the polishing blends together. Once its level with all the pitts gone work your way down to at least 400 and really bring that polish out. I end up using auto body rubbing compound till I'm perfectly satisfied with the look. The better the polish the better the blue. For browning on the other hand you dont want to go finer than 200 as the browning needs the metal to be a little rough for it to take.Remember this isn't a race just take your time and then enjoy the end product.FRJ
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a barrel on WHAT, please? If it's a shotgun or a thin old .38 Smith barrel, be very, very careful how much metal you remove as you seek to get rid of pits. Sometimes you just have to leave them as they are, in the name of safety.
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