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What is it?

Came across a odd Mauser the other day and need help with its ID.
It is in .308, has no markings other then .308 on the side, and a 4 digit serial number, thats it. Has about a 18" barrel, and the stock goes all the way up to the end cap. To me it looks like a spanish carbine, but the stock has the sling mounted on the side[for horseback?] It looks like a 98 action, so I'm thinking some type of police carbine. Any idea's?
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IS it one of these?:

If so, it's an FR-8.

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would be easier to know if you have taken a picture of it?
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Milsurps - Argentine Model 1909 Cavalry Carbine (Mfg by DWM))

Mauser made carbines for artellery and cavelry troops and nost of them had wood out to the end of the tube. They were espically popular in the South American countries.
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