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What to pay for a Tula 91/30?

This will be my first Mosin. Looks perfect, very clean, bore looks great (though I want to give it a better look), no counterbore... is there anything else to look for? What's the most I should pay?
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Well, the fact that someone's already cleaned it up may be worth something to you if you're not a glutton for removing cosmoline.
Check whether the bolt serial number matches the receiver. If it's "force matched," the headspace really should be checked.

That you've been able to inspect it in person and won't be paying transfer fee and shipping is worth $30-$50, that you've ascertained it's in good shape (a lot have nicked stocks, for instance), not counterbored (not necessarily a good thing from an accuracy standpoint, but considering that it doesn't look abused generally, adds to its value), good bore overall (obviously good), I'd say it might be worth $150 in today's market. Maybe $175, particularly if the bolt and receiver numbers match and further examination of the bore reveals it really is in good shape. That's going to depend on which part of the country you're in; they're more common in some areas than others. I've seen mediocre examples going for $170 in central Texas lately, but then again, I wasn't tempted to buy them.

Here's a couple of sites to give you some ideas as to prices by feature and date of manufacture:
Very generally, the older it is the more it will sell for. Round or hex receiver really doesn't matter aside from historical interest. It's almost impossible to prejudge accuracy by date or arsenal; they just have to be shot to find out, and many shoot poorly with one kind of ammo and very well with another.

If the one you're looking at is expensive, you'd probably do fine rolling the dice with a good online vendor. Without a C&R, though, transfer and shipping on these can be a bummer, amounting to as much as 50% of the rifle price!

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round reciever or hex reciever? 'MO' marks?? year?? all matching parts?? these will all determine price.
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If you have a C&R you can get one delivered to your door for less than a hundred dollars.
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