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Well, about a year ago, my great uncle gave me this old Ruger .22 he'd been given as collateral for lending a guy $20 back in the 60s and the guy never paid him back. So he gave this pistol to me and I basically just blew it off as an old ruger mark 1 and went about plinking with it. Well, since I really didn't know diddly, (and still don't know all that much), about old Ruger firearms, I didn't find out until today while perusing the blue book of gun values, that this old pistol is in fact a Red Eagle standard Mark 1. Pretty cool huh? I still don't think it's worth much, it's pretty well used, but still, kinda cool to find out something like that! It's serial is 23,065, so I'm guessin around 1952, at the tail end of the Red eagle types. All I know is that he never serviced it at all, only cleaned it once in awhile, yet after more than 50 years, I can still chase soda cans with it from a pretty good distance, very accurate actually, I'd love to get a newer Mark 2 or 3 that I wouldn't be conciencious about blasting away with.

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Way to go plinkinfool. I know some guys that all they collect are the Ruger Red Eagles. They are a lot nicer than having one with a loaded chamber indicator.
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