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Question Can you burn other fuels in a MSR Simmerlite aside from MSR fuel?

I bought the MSR Simmerlite for cooler weather backpacking a few years ago, and I am unsure of whether it will run safely on fuels other than MSR fuel, which is expensive locally for even a small amount.

I remember hearing that it will run on naptha, but while at Lowes the other day, I saw a can of naptha in the paint dept, and it looked like it was pure naptha, but on the label it stated "don't use as fuel"!

I've heard you can use unleaded regular in an emergency, but the anti-knock compounds in it will clog the stove eventually, and there are also some nasty fumes associated with unleaded regular.

It runs on "white gas", but I dont know exactly what that means.....

There are some stoves that will burn any combustible liquid, and even some that can also be adapted to be hooked up to propane or butane canisters too. But I believe they are 2-3 times more expensive and heavier than the Simmerlite.

Also, the Simmerlite DOES NOT simmer! It should be called the "Simmer-not". Well actually, the older Whisperlite was also inaccurately named, because the word "whisper" denotes quiet, but the Whisperlite is far from quiet. They should have named the Whisperlite something else, and named the Simmerlite the Whisperlite, because I think it's a bit quieter.
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If a BUTANE or Blended fuel type taking the disposable screw on canisters ? .... YES all the brands of like type interchange. Typically 3 sizes of cylinders that you can use.

Gas types within cylinder cater more to elevation stove will be used at and getting maximum BTU's

Raw fuel types use "White Gas" most commonly. ( Coleman, Ozark Etc ... )
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Yes the MSR Simmerlite will run on white gas, I usually just get the big can of Colemans and transfer into my MSR cans.

Here's a quick link explaining all the different types of camp stove fuel...


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