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New Savage Owner

Ok so I just traded my M1A for a Savage 10 FCP-SR. Nothing against the M1A but I decided that I needed a more appropriate long range/hunting rifle. I got the savage and swapped the Leupold Mk2 6-18 glass from the M1A to the savage. I then used a Blackhawk stud to piciatanny adapter and mounted a GG&G bi-pod and finished it all off with a Turner Saddlery sling. I just finished getting all my accesories on and have not shot the rifle yet.
I will use this rifle for target shooting and hunting. The gun club where I am a member has a range out to 600 yards. I currently hunt whitetail in Illinois but we have to use slugs. The game I will probably hunt with this rifle will be most likely deer out of state, coyotes, and hopefully one day soon some hogs.
My main predicament at this point is ammo selection. I want to pick a certain brand of match grade ammo and stick with it for all my shooting with this rifle. The rifle is in .308 with a 1 in 10 twist and a 24" barrel. It is threaded for a muzzle break and comes with a thread protector. I do not plan on putting a break on at this time.
So basically for my intended uses for this rifle, what would be a good bullet type? I know there are probably bullets that are better for hunting than target shooting and vice versa, but what would be some suggestions on a good all around bullet type and weight for my purpose? Any suggestions are appreciated as well as brand recomendations. I do not reload at this time but I save all my brass and it is something I will do eventually, just not right now.

Heres the rifle:
Savage Arms

I am kind of thinking about trying out some of this hornady ammo. I use the 75gr BTHP out of my varmint AR and it has given me the best performance. Any thoughts?
Cabela's: HornadyŽ Superformance® Match Rifle Ammunition

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for the help guys.
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congrats on the new savage. they make a great gun. i have the entry level axis that shoots sub moa with my handloads (223). i can only imagine what their high end stuff can do.

start reloading. match 308 gets expensive quick. sorry i cant answer your question better i use 150 fmj hornady over varget for my fal and gunsite rifle with good results.
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That is one nice gun. I hope it shoots as good as my Savages does.
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I was out at the range yesterday and tried out a bunch of different match ammo. It seems to like black hills and federal match king 168 grain the best, naturally as it is the most expensive. I was shooting mainly 5 shot groups at 100 yards and with the better ammo brands, there would be one ragged hole with one or two flyers. I attribute the flyers to myself as I am fairly new to the benchrest/long range game. I would venture to say the rifle is capable of sub 1/2 minute groups. I am not yet capable of sub 1/2 minute groups yet as a shooter, however. I didn't get to shoot past 100 yards due to time constraints yesterday but I am looking forward to giving my caldwell rifle gong a workout. I will keep you guys updated on the rifle. I am very pleased with it so far. It is my first savage as well as my first bolt gun aside from a mosin. You definitely get a lot of value from Savage. The pricetag of the rifle was $1050, but the features you get are comprable to what other manufacturers would charge $2000 for. I am really pleased with this rifle and would definitely recommend it to anybody.
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I have the same
may I suggest the following
FEDERAL 167 g Gold medal match
M118 LR
for small game such as cyoties etc. 110 grain TAP
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Very nice rifle!

My dad just recently got a Savage 10PC and wow. 3 shot groups at 100 yards are one ragged hole. This is with federal 168gr match ammo. It used to be light for a serious long range weapon.....until he topped it off with a weaver 5-20x50 SF tactical mil dot scope weighing a ton. I might still be just under 10 or 11 lbs which is really incredible which is awesome for a sniper rifle.
Savage Arms

I love shooting it!

Check out this article, its a good read
581 Series 18.5'' Mini 14 Ranch Rifle SS
Henry .22 S/L/LR Frontier
Kimber Custom Carry II 1911
Savage Mark II FVT
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