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Restoring turkish mauser

Hi, i was looking to restore this mauser, i really don't know what products to use to remove rust etc and clean the bore with since it is was made in 1941, i was looking to to use it for deer hunting instead of buying a new bolt action, any ideas on what to use?

also wasn't looking to refinish the wood, the battle look doesn't bother me
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I refinshed one that looked worse than yours, I used navay jelly but it really removes everything, I then used brownells aluma hyde and the finish is durable enough for a hunting gun. It scratches easily and i just touch it up with paint. I don't know what you would use for the bore, but on mine I just make sure I store it wet to keep it from getting worse.
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For hunting it just a matter of clearing off the surface rust and making sure that everything is in working order. Why refinish if your just going to take it out in the woods anyhow. Clean the bore well using your favorite cleaner and like "putruj" said keep the bore well oiled so it don't rust.
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i ended up removing the surface rust and blued it and gave it to my little cousin, bore was in great condition which was surprising, same with the action, shoots around 1.25-2" groups @ 100 yards, he is very pleased with it, still looking for a bolt action though.
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