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Russian/tula TOZ-122 308 range report (pt 1)

Tough, magazine fed w bu sights
Trigger breaks clean

Machining is rough
Rings are a little off, had to use all the right adjustment on my scope to zero. They also slide on two machined grooves and twist a little when torquing them down.
Going to have to get a cheek pad to use the scope
Could use a longer stock (I'm 5'10")
Butter knife bolt handle takes a little getting used to

Bolt is not as smooth as other bolt guns and feels loose, but all rounds fed fine. Sighted in with silver bear 145gr fmj and got 2 1/2" groups with irons and 1" groups with the scope at 100yds. Kinda worried that the scope won't be good past 100yds so I'll attempt to shim the rings so that I have some windage adjustment left. I may also try another scope since I was using a cheap fixed power 6x42 norinco. Will post part 2 once I mess with the rings.

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I've had some decent results with the Silver Bear 140gr SP @ 100 out of my Remy 700 SPS Tactical.

Of course, I don't care about three round groups. I shoot five shot strings on multiple bulls in different positions. I can hold .75 to 1 MOA at best

I'd say the CZ is a keeper if it shoots 1 MOA out the box.

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