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howa 1500 trigger adjustment?

just bought a Howa 1500 22-250, sweet shooting gun. only thing is, the trigger is a little heavy for my liking. anybody know about the trigger adjustment?
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You have 2 adjustment screws, sear engagement, and spring tension. Myself I adjust the engagement then the tension. After this you'll find your Safety will not engage with the bolt in battery. You'll now need to remove the trigger from the trigger assembly. To do this you need to remove the thumb safety side plate and safety plunger assembly.

Pay close attention not to lose the little c-clips and the saftey plunger and spring. You'll be able to see the upper most part of the trigger that makes contact with the safety plunger when the safety is engaged. This is the part of the trigger you'll have to remove material from so the safety plunger will clear and engage/disengage smoothly. Remember remove a little material at a time then reassemble it and try the safety. I've done a few and it takes me 3-4 tries stoning the trigger for plunger clearence to get enough material removed for a smooth positive safety. A person should have some mechanical ability and understanding to do triggers on Howa's, there not quite as easy to do Safely as other triggers like winchesters.

Do some more web searches as I'm sure it's explained alot better than I can explain it. Maybe someone has some pictures posted somewhere. I blue loctite the screws once I have them adjusted also
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I have a howa 1500 myself and adjusted the trigger,
there are 2 adjustment screws ( both have silicone over them) im sorry i forget which one but one adjusts the creep, the other the weight of the pull..
I only had to adjust the weight of pull on mine and re-silicone the screw..thanks it
i did not have to remove my trigger assembely or anything...just do a search and just adjust the trigger weight screw and leave the creep as is (if your happy with it)
Also make sure u work the bolt / check safety before u silicone the screw back in place as if it is too light the rifle will un-cock itself when u work the bolt
If this happens - tighten the trigger pull back up a bit till it stops.
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