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A pair of CZ 527 Varmints in 204 that I use on PD's. Both very accurate and the set trigger really adds to the long range shootability.

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Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
Anyone shooting em. I have three and have found them to be the most accurate rifles I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. Just wish they offerd them in more calibers.
Hey, I want my three rifles back They were my most accurate and now there gone..... Sorry I didn't have more options for ya
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I recently got a CZ 455 American T.H. Varmint in 22 LR. These will interchange barrels to 22 WMR and .17HMR. Its heavy barrelled and is a touch over 9 lbs with the glass on top. After pillars and bedding (full free floated barrel) I'm grouping about 3/8" at 50 m. Probably shoots better since this was in light wind gusts. It shoots as well or probably better than my older CZ 452, and that rifle competes with several Brno target models and holds its own. Here's a couple photos:

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I'm curious, who made the Thumbhole Stock?

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Biker, CZ makes the stock. Comes as a 455 American T.H. Varmint. The rifle may not be readily available for sale here in N.A., but it has been out for several months in the U.K and Europe. I figure in a short while the dealers will start bringing it in here too.
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Since we been having pretty crummy weather here for the last month I was thrilled to get out to the range and get some shooting in.

I had just pillared and bedded my 455 TH Varmint last week and have the trigger spring changed out for 30 oz. pull...nice and crisp. I got some better ammo than the bulk crap I had been plinking with for the last several weeks. Federal Gold Medal Ammo was sorted the night before in several goups by weight and rim thickness.

There was no wind at all except for a very occaisional 1-2 mph wind coming from behind every now and then. The 3 shot groups were shot by myself and another shooter taking turns. We were taking our time and in all honesty, the better groups were his, and the worse ones were mine. Two very tight groups could be flukes and we were discussing whether the best group (2nd from the top left) was possibly missing the third shot as it only appeared like two holes in the paper. Either way, I am totally blown away by the accuracy of this rifle. All shooting was done at 50 yards, 60 deg F, low to no wind, off 2 bags. We did some adjusting on the scope and action screw torques for the bottom 2 rows and that is why there is a poi shift change from center. On Target Caculator used for measurement with outside edge of outer ring measuring 1".

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After getting some more info on my 455 TH, it is quite possible the stock is made by Boydes for CZ and inletting is finished by CZ to match the 455. The Boydes stock of the same configuration for the 452 looks identical to mine.
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The CZ527 carbine in 7.62x39 was the contender for my first rifle before I decided on Mini. Admittedly, I still wonder if I made the right choice, but I know the grass is always greener on the other side. Would any of you choose a Mini of the same caliber over a CZ527?

I'm mostly a handgun guy and own handguns from both Ruger and CZ. I don't really want to have too many funds in rifles so my alternative is to just getting a Mosin to fulfill my want for a bolt-action in a bigger caliber than 223 and shoot it without breaking the bank (gun and ammo).
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