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Yugo M24/47 Mauser

Well I am looking at getting my dad a milsurp for his birthday, and Im kinda torn between the Nagant 91-30 and the Yugo M24/47 Mauser. I know both are shooters, I am just wondering which would probably be more accurate. This rifle would be a range only rifle with no hunting applications.


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They both shoot about the same. The iron sights on the 91/30 are a lot nicer. But if you are going scope the rifle or add MoJos get the one you like the best. Mike

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Anything based on the Mauser is worth buying. The worst thing that would happen is that you would have an action that you could modify the heck outa.

That being said I love my mosin nagants and value their accuracy greatly. They are very rugged and accurate.
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I have both types and I would lean heavily towards the Mauser. A 24/47 for about $120 in excellent condition is tough to beat, fires a good cartrige and is easily converted with alot of aftermarket parts.

Mosins While cheap and plentiful and in excellent condition, don't match up to the craftmanship of the mauser. They are fun to shoot with cheap surplus, and have a great history,but don't lend themselves to much else in my opinion.

Mauser will have a better resale value.
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I know that the Yugo M-48 action is 1/4" shorter than a regular K98 Mauser action, but what about the Yugo 24/47? Is it shorter too?
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Go Mauser,forget the Nagant.
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