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RDHNTR, If it was me, I'd think "twice" about having a 1 lb trigger on a "hunting" rifle. I once knew a young man who killed his dad accidentily with a 1 lb trigger. As a gunsmith, I would have never let a gun leave "my" shop with that trigger! Just a little friendly advice........................Dick
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Put 'remington Crisp' in google search & hit 'enter'.
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" (700 trigger) now breaks at 1# like glass, no creep, no overtravel. "

You've made a mistake that invites great hazard. That's target trigger quality and the 700's trigger was designed and produced to be an excellant hunting trigger. Mike Walker is a friend of mine, he's the man who designed it and he assured me that his trigger MUST have something like a 3# pull plus have a bit of creep AND overtravel to insure that the internal floating 'trigger connector' will perform properly. (AND the internal mechanism has to be kept clean, free of gummy dried oil or the connector cannot work properly. I give mine a spritz of carborator cleaner each year and follow with a few drops of Automatic Transmission Fluid; great gun lube, it's slow drying and non-gumming.)

Now that you've tried to 'bump it off', try it again (empty chamber) but this time have the safety ON and pull the trigger before and during the bumping; the sear is blocked so it can't fire then but it's quite possible the pin will fall when you release the safety, even without touching the trigger because the internals are too tightly/lightly connected to allow the connector to reset after pulling the trigger with the safety on. People have been killed that way and the shooters blame the trigger for their foul-up.

Either get an after market 700 trigger that's made for target work or readjust your's to not less than a 3# pull and with a slightly detectable creep and a little overtravel.
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Originally Posted by NJCOP View Post
People complained about the Rem trigger and they gave us the XMARK. The old one was easily adjustable. the new one OKAY and isn't as nice as an adjusted older model (OPINION)

AccuTrigger is nice. The old model was adjustable for sear engagement, backlash and weight which could be brought down to 3.5 lbs and feels better than the damn Glocked tab Accutrigger. Best new trigger for a Savage is the RifleBasix unit. It is vastly better than an AccuTrigger. I've got two of the after markets and one Accu and the RifleBasix is better than the Glockutrigger hands down. So much so that as soon as I get up a few more dollars the Accu is going bye bye in my Model 14.

Back to the XMARK. You just can't go and throw a old trigger in the XMARK guns because the bolt locks and safties are different. After all is said and done if you don't like the Xmark the Timney is a the only drop in no head ache replacement for it. The XMARK really isn't bad but it is just a pain in the as$ to adjust down and you can't get the weight down all that much.
I took an XJunk out of my AAC-SD and installed a Mid 80's solid shoe Remington Walker Factory Trigger.
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