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Replacing boat trailer lights

The time has come to replace the trailer lights on my boat. The trailer is maybe 15 years old, the screws on the lights are rusted up, the bulbs are corroded so bad that the glass broke from the metal base.

There are a couple of boat stores in Jasper Texas, but none of them were open on sunday. In order to get the lights fixed before an upcoming river camping trip, my wife and I went down to the local wal-mart and bout 2 replacement lights.

After opening the package and trying to mount the light, I discovered the lock washer is so small, it slips through the hole in the light mount.

Well dang it, now I have to go to the local hardware store and buy some larger washers. The bolt on the back of the light measures right at 1/4 across. To make sure the washer is going to fit, I am going to buy washers with a 5/16 hole in them.

I bought the washers tonight, they measure 5/16 hole X 1 1/4 across.

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Got the 2 lights replaced this morning.

While the washers were being put into place, I decided to use the old lock washers, as well as the new washers. Light - bracket - flatwasher - old lock washer - new lock washer - new nut.

The wire on the trailer side of the splice had a small cut in it. I used a pair of wire cutters and cut the wire where it was exposed. The wires were twisted together, a cap put over the splice, and everything wrapped in electrical tape.

To keep the wires from flopping around with the trailer is in motion, I used a small zip-tie to secure the wire to a hole in the light bracket.

Once everything was in place, the lights were tested, and everything worked.

Now I dont have to worry about getting a ticket for my trailer lights not working.
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yep just...

The DPS ticket for 90 MPH in a 55. LOL
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I have gone away from that style of light and been using the sealed rubber mounted units that are used on semi trailers. All my wiring connections are sealed with that liquid electric tape and shrink tubing and the pigtail that plugs into the light is greased real well with dielectric silicone grease.

I have been running these for 9 years without any trouble in both fresh and salt water and only replaced two lights because of bulb failure, takes about a minute to replace. Nice thing about these lights is you will not blow a bulb if you forget to unplug from the tow vehicle when you back into the water.
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