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Bailout recipes

Ever get yourself into a jam and had to make "stone soup" in a big hurry?

OK, so last Saturday I invited the neighbors over for dinner the following Monday. Big mistake; I slept twice in the interim and completely forgot about the dinner date. I usually grill or BBQ something for the occasion, but just didn't have time. What I did have was ten chicken thighs, box of low fat/ low salt chicken stock, a big can of diced tomatoes and two boxes of Rice-A-Roni (Herb and Butter, and Long Grain w/ Wild Rice.) This would all fit into my cast iron lidded casserole, so I leapt into action......

Heat the oven to 325. Pull the skin off the thighs and trim the excess fat, sprinkle with some lemon pepper, then plop 'em in the casserole and lightly brown both sides; set the meat aside for a bit. Open the boxes of R-a-R and dump the rice into the casserole. Mix the packets of seasoning and add to the rice. Instead of water, use the same measure of chicken stock, with the seasonings stirred in, and add to the rice. Put the thighs back into the casserole, and dump the tomatoes on top. Don't add any salt, the R-a-R seasonings are plenty salty. Cover, slam it into the oven and cook it for an hour. Resist the urge to check on it, it'll do just fine by itself. If the rice hasn't cooked after an hour, add some more liquid (not much) and give it some more oven time (not much of that, either.) Have the neighbors bring salad.

This can be done in a dutch oven, so it could be a nice "first night in camp" recipe; easy, and should feed four people. The variety of R-a-R shouldn't matter much..... next time I'll use two boxes of Spanish Rice and add salsa in place of the tomatoes.

If you have any "stone soup" recipes/stories, let's see them!

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