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Vancouver Pizza Delivery
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Share Recipes

Hey friends!

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Microwaft Tomato Catsup Soup
you’ll need
˝ cup milk, onion powder, tablespoon olive oil (or one pat butter) your favorite tomato catsup (aka ketchup)

Cooking Step...well this is neither cooking or a step
Stir well in large microwaveable mug:
olive oil or butter (don't panic-butter won't stir unless melted)
dash of onion powder
˝ cup of water, ˝ cup milk
large squirt of ketchup (about 1/8 cup)

Microwave for 45-60 sec (avoid boiling)
Stir well, flavor with salt and pepper.


Karl Marx Liberated Catsup Soup:

A perfect recipe for those end of the month days when money is not available...Replace your favorite catsup with 4-6 pc envelopes of catsup, lifted from the neighborhood bourgeois restauranteur.

Creamy Italian Catsup Soup:
At beginning microwave the ˝ cup of water and dash of dry Italian seasoning this will release flavor from the seasonings.

Rancho-tomato Ketchup soup:
Follow QnC recipe but after heating add blurb of BBQ sauce


Rajun Cajun Tomato Ketchup Soup:
Replace milk with water add several blurps of red hot or Tabasco sauce

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marinate chicken breast for grill

a fav of mine is bone-in skin-on breasts marinated.
cheaper brand italian salad dressing is good. place meat in zipper bag and dump in enough italian dressing to cover good. zip up and roll over and over few times then into fridge overnight is best turning every few hours.
just a few hours is ok though.
let chicken in zip bag come up to room temp - remove from fridge couple hours before placeing on grill.
about an hour + a bit at medium/low with a wood chips tossed on to flare up for additional heat/flavor. apple wood is good for chicken cooking.
good with rice and fried green tomatos.
this meal prepared by me is one of my mom's and stepdad favorite meals with toasted french bread and tomato, cuke and sweet onion slices sprinkled with peppered balsamic vinegar for salad.
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Bachelors Casserole:

2 boxes of Velvetta Shells and Cheese
1 box of stove top
1 whole boneless chicken

I cut up the chicken breast into cubes. Sauté with your favorite veggies. I do garlic and onions. Layer the panfish half the shells and cheese. Chicken then stove top. Then the rest of the shells of the cheese. Bake it in the oven for a half hour at 350 or until crispy on top.
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