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"Corn Beef and Cabbage"......

....coming up this week! St Pattys Day!....How do you cook yours?
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simmered with some peppercorns, taters and carrots. served with baking soda bread.
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Big Brisket (corned) in a crock pot, with "crab boil" for seasoning.......cook until tender slow for several hrs.....then take out the whole brisket and glaze it on a got griddle style grill....with brown sugar and butter.....slice thin and layer on top of your skillet cooked cabbage with bacon drippins and diced onions.....mmmmnnnnn good......flat thin cornbread cooked in a deep cast iron skillet...........
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Could this be?....
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"Corn Beef and Cabbage"......-img_0525-corned-beeef.jpg   "Corn Beef and Cabbage"......-img_0526-cabbage.jpg  
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Just remember if ya got Irish in ya, and they ask you why you arent wearing green, ya tell em "cause Im Irish lad, and if ya pinch me Ill kick ya in yer......well you know.
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Boil Everything ...

You need just one pot. Corned beef goes in first if big frozen chunks. Then new potatoes, carrots, onions, lots of thick cabbage slices. Turnips also if you have any. All sliced up into big pieces. Boil it all up until done. Simple. Spices if you have them. You can tell we are only a bit Irish on my Moms side. Yumm yumm.
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